Monday, July 28, 2008



Bill said...

hay Noa,
this is Catalina. i love your website.
I show all my friends htis and they all like it to. Any way I looked at your resoults on whose is the cutest and there are not that many votes. Sorry to change the subject but about me telling all my friends they cold never remember your web name. but i memorized it.i've ben on here about ten times myself. with my friends I cant even count( well i don't even remember who i showed it to.) I think you have a great web cast. you might want to do new web shoes. so i have to go now

Antonia said...

sorry i was practically talking to noa. so i thtink all of you probily like (or love) noa and alexa's web show it is funny and intelligent right. i think so. i havent herd any thing on the comments from you gyes. noa and alexa are haleries. well i have to go to bed now